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Call for Tenders

The selection committee currently reviews the project ideas of the 8th GO-Bio round. The winners will be announced in spring 2018.

Das Auswahlverfahren läuft. Symbolbild: Läufer

The application deadline for the 8th selection round ended on June 15, 2017. Currently they are not accepting any new applications. A selection panel chooses the most innovative ideas with the most capable teams during this selection process. The winners will be announced during ‘German Biotechnology Days’ in April 2018.

Cross-thematic orientation

GO-Bio funding is open to applications from all research topics within life sciences. Many innovative approaches come from medical biotechnology research. These include therapies and diagnoses of diseases with great medical importance or new approaches to individualised medicine. The focus isn’t necessarily on products. Services, such as platform technologies in analytics, sensors or drug screening, as well as other commercially relevant technologies also receive attention. Project proposals from this sector fit perfectly into the development strategy of the Federal Government. Its ‘Rahmenprogramm Gesundheitsforschung’ specifically promotes research and innovation in this field.

Medical project ideas are in demand as well: Whether it is sustainable agriculture, healthy food or the industrial usage of regrowing resources – GO-Bio also supports promising spin-offs in the bioeconomy sector.

The Federal Government strives to encourage corresponding project ideas with its ‘National Research Strategy Bioeconomy 2030’ to expand Germany’s leading role for a bio-based economy.

Informations about calls for the tender of the 8th GO-Bio funding round (Closing date for application has passed!)

Official call for tenders: Announcement of the ‘funding guideline’ by the BMBF via the Federal Gazette.
Brief facts: ‘Flyer for the 8th call for tenders’
Vivid and concise: ‘Presentation for the 8th call for tenders’
Information concerning applications, guidelines, leaflets, tips and collateral clauses can be found on the ‘promotional portal’ of the Federal Government.

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